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Hey guys,

I'm in a money crunch and regrettably need to sell some valuables.

I'm selling a copy of The Candy Spooky Theater's "The Bedroom" EP that was autographed by the entire band at their NYC show in 2007. Yes, it includes Zull's autograph!

I'm selling it for $30 and would prefer to sell it at that price given my circumstances, but I can negotiate. The front cover of the case is cracked, but the OBI is there and the CD and booklet are in great condition. (Pics below)

I accept money order, check, concealed cash (at your own risk) and PayPal, in order of preference from greatest to least.

Please comment if you are interested!

Check out these cheap prices on The Candy Spooky Theater merchandise. Tainted Reality is having a huge sale for this month, and these great prices won't last long. Thought I should share~ Just go to http://www.taintedreality.net


the Bedroom (single)
Released 2007

Wonderland (single)
Released 2007

Prince of Darkness (single)
Released 2007

Photo sets

Photo Set A

Photo Set B

17 October 2007 @ 07:13 pm
Good news, the boys are going to the PMX on Nov. 9,10 and 11. Tickets are on sale!
16 September 2007 @ 03:02 pm
Im new, but this community dont have nothing?!
bad so bad!
any information of photos about Kiddy Skeleton, the new band member?

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26 May 2007 @ 06:07 pm
Well, I was looking around and I couldn't find any communities for The Candy Spooky Theater. So I decided to make one, because they're a kick ass band. <33