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candy_spooky's Journal

`~. Spook House .~` - The Candy Spooky Theater
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Jack-o-lanterns, murder, gore, and hellish screams are all common place for The Candy Spooky Theater, the horror themed goth band with a demented sense of humor from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2003, they quickly became known through out their home country for their stylishly wild on-stage antics, and their overtly original, Halloween-esque, B-Rated horror inspired music. Their unique sound and personality soon garnered them worldwide fame as in early 2007 they signed to the Trisol label in Europe, and announced their first US tour for May of that year. A band that truly needs to be seen to be believed, they never let their fans down with their one-of-a-kind live Show, characteristic tongue-in-cheek humor, and over the top, harrowing, unconventional melodies.

`~. Band Members .~`

- Jack Spooky -
comical horror VOICE / mishievous vampire DOLL

- Peggy -
shameless electric BASS / princess of sexual which DOLL

`~. Ex-Member .~`

- Zull -
sound of fascination GUITAR / mad anatomist DOLL

[It's been announced on the official site that after the US tour, Zull will leave the band.

It asks everyone to continue to support all the member's future efforts and says that there will be more information put up on the site at some point. There's also a message from him basically saying thank you to people who have supported him in the band until now and that someone more suited to the band will replace him. He also says that he made the decision in March after the Area live because his heart wasn't in it anymore. ]